Hawkman #3 (Sept 1964)

This is the first Hawkman that I read. The cover date is Sep 1964, but I don’t think I read this until 1965. I was 10-years old at the time and I bought my comic books at a used bookstore on Long Point Road in Houston, Texas. The store was next door to a K-Mart and across the parking lot was a Jack-in-the-Box.

When I saw the cover I thought Hawkgirl was to Hawkman as Robin is to Batman. I thought she was his teenage side-kick. Maybe his daughter or his niece.

When I learned that Shayera was Katar Hol’s wife, it did not change how I originally saw her. I have been a Hawkgirl fan for over 50 years.

Hawkman #3 Sept 1964 GD+2.5