FCBD – Free Comic Book Day was last Saturday

This past Saturday (May 4), I placed an order for some comic books at my favorite on-line comic book store. It was not until I got to the check-out that I learned that it was FCBD (Free Comic Book Day). I was entitled to choose three free comic books from a list of about half-dozen titles. My order arrived this afternoon. Did anyone else get … Continue reading FCBD – Free Comic Book Day was last Saturday


Batman & Catwoman Got Married – Once upon a time, Batman and Catwoman got married and they had a daughter – her name was Helena Wayne and she was Huntress. But wait! Didn’t Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selena Kyle) get married just this past week in Batman #50 (July 2018)? No. No, they did not. At least that is what I heard tell the New … Continue reading Huntress

In Search of Star Sapphire – Pt. 6

Deborah Darnell, the Star Sapphire who first appeared in Secret Society of Super-Villains #1 (June 1976), was last seen in Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006). She seems to have really pissed off Spectre. Deborah and a handful of others gathered at Stonehenge to summon Spectre. When he appeared, he ignored everyone else while he proceeded to condemn Star Sapphire for having murdered hundreds of men. … Continue reading In Search of Star Sapphire – Pt. 6


The variant cover of the two most recent editions of Supergirl pays tribute to past Supergirls. I recognized the Supergirl on the cover of 18B (Feb 2018) as the Supergirl of the 1970s as she regularly appeared on and between covers of Adventure Comics. And I know the Supergirl on the cover 19B (Mar 2018) as the Supergirl in the DC Animated series Justice League … Continue reading Supergirls