The Final Five Countdown #1

I have decided to call the Hawkgirl/Covergirl collection to be complete. I do need to do an audit of everything to see what might be missing. I know that are one or two variants where Hawkgirl graces the cover of the current run of Justice League. Then of course there are the dozen or so older, more expensive covers from the early Sixties and back to the golden age in the 1940s that I will never afford to buy. No way that I am spending thousands or a even hundred $$$ for a comic book. C’est trop cher!

So, with that said allow me to present the first of the final five:

JSA #7 (February 2000) FN $2.00

This is the oldest one in the group. It is one that I missed catching when I did my research couple of years ago. It is easy to miss but Hawkgirl is on the cover, yet she appears in the form of a shadow menace that she and other members of the Justice Society of America have been turned into. She and the golden age Flash are holding Black Canary who is wearing her costume from 20 years ago. Coming up behind them are Sentinel (golden age Green Lantern), Starman II, and Damage (aka Atom Smasher). I will talk some more about the JSA in the next Final Five Countdown post.


From the Solicitation: WRITTEN BY DAVID S. GOYER AND GEOFF JOHNS; ART BY STEPHEN SADOWSKI AND MICHAEL BAIR; COVER BY ALAN DAVIS AND MARK FARMER In stores December 15. The JSA confronts a now-evil Obsidian ? son of the original Green Lantern ? in Part 1 of the 3-part “Darkness Falls” saga! It’s the confrontation Sentinel has been dreading for years, as he learns once and for all if his son has finally succumbed to the shadow force that gives him his darkness-based powers. FC, 32 PG.” Cover price $2.50. Grade: Fine