Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #124

Justice League of America #152 (March 1978) VG 4.0 $3.20

From the time that the character was first introduce, Red Tornado has been portrayed as an adult Pinocchio. He is a man-made artifact; an android who longs to become a real man. He went so far as to create a secret identity for himself in which he took on the persona of a human named John Smith. He fell in love with a woman name Katy Sutton and in the the 1977 Christmas issue, Justice League of America #152, he rescued a troubled young girl from a war torn country in the middle east called Bialya. Taking the girl back to America, Kathy adopted the girl and she became known as Traya Sutton.

Cover Artists Rich Buckler & Jack Abel

Hawkgirl has a minor supporting role in the story, but in one scene she joins the boys in a friendly poker game and proceeds to do nothing but win for two solid hours.

Written by Gerry Conway with art by Dick Dillin and inks by Frank McLaughlin

In another scene, Hawkgirl is in a fight for her life against a grotesque half-human/half-reindeer monstrosity.

From the solicitation:
Christmas issue for 1977. “20,000 Light-Years to Christmas!” written by Gerry Conway with art by Dick Dillin and inks by Frank McLaughlin. This issue features Superman, Batman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, the Elongated Man and the Red Tornado. Cover price $0.60. Grade: VG 4.0