Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #117

Justice League of America #159 (October 1978) VG $3.20

Every year for over 20 years, the Justice League of America series would present a team up between the Justice League of America on Earth 1 and the Justice Society of America from Earth 2. In Justice League of America #159 from October 1978, the JLA and the JSA had to tangle with some characters from out of the past. While Hawkgirl does not appear on the cover, she does appear within JLA #159, yet she does not have a speaking role and spends most of the two-issue annual cross-over storyline in a comatose state. She along with a few other members of the JLA/JSA were injured after a group of time travelers crashed a private party she and the others were attending.

Cover art by Rich Buckler

She is seen front and center on page one. (What looks like a puppet on the table in front of her is Red Tornado’s adopted daughter, Traya Sutton.)

Artists Dick Dillin & Frank McLaughlin

Following the attack, there is a scene where Hawkman gets emotional and challenges his fellow heroes.

From the solicitation: In this 44-page issue titled “Crisis from Yesterday!,” (story line continues in #160) the annual team-up for the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America takes place. This year it seems like a one-sided battle as the JLA/JSA take on the heroes out of DC’s historical epochs–Jonah Hex, Viking Prince, Miss Liberty, Black Pirate and Eneny Ace. Written by Gerry Conway with art by Dick Dillin and inks by Frank McLaughlin. This issue features Superman I and II, Silver Age Batman, Green Lantern I and II, SA Green Arrow, Wonder Woman I and II, the SA Flash I and II, the SA Black Canary, the SA Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, Star-Spangled Kid, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the Elongated Man, and the SA Red Tornado. That’s quite a lineup! Cover price $0.50. Grade: Very Good