Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #116

Justice League of America #128 (March 1976) VG $3.60

I am taking a break from World’s Finest Comics while I pursue the Justice League of America and appearances by Hawkgirl in that series in the 1970s. I have made up a list of about a dozen books most of which are from between 1976 and 1979. Issue #128 from March of ’76 sees the return of Wonder Woman after an absence from the JLA of nearly eight years. Hawkgirl appears only as a voice on the other end of a phone call.

Cover art by Ernie Chan.

The rare bird’s “appearance” occurs in the final scene where Hawkman learns that the Hawks earthly hometown of Midway City is about to be destroyed by an alien named Nekron. He tells Shayera to pack-up and get out of town fast! “Too bad about Midway, I’m going to miss it!” says Katar.

Writer Martin Pasko, Penciler Dick Dillin, Inker Frank McLaughlin, Editor Julius Schwartz

From the Solicitation:
Wonder Woman rejoins the Justice League. Cover art by Ernie Chan. Death-Visions of the Justice League!, script by Martin Pasko, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Frank McLaughlin; the JLA members, seeing visions of their own deaths, quit being super-heroes; guest-starring Nekron. Last 25c cover-priced issue. 36 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25. Grade: Very Good