Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #108

World’s Finest #278 (April 1982) VG $4.49

Like the cover says, issue #278 of World’s Finest features Superman, Batman and Hawkman against the entire planet of Thanagar. And although we see Hawkman on the cover alongside Superman and Batman, there is no sign of Hawkwoman. She does, however, make a rather confusing appearance within the story

The main feature story titled “Assault on Thanagar!” begins with a view of Hawkman leading an assault on his home planet of Thanagar. However, after being blasted by a Thanagarian bazooka the person that appears to be Hawkman turns out to be Superman in disguise. In a flashback sequence, we learn that hours earlier Hawkman paid a visit to the Justice League satellite and called upon his super friends to aid him in an assault on Thanagar where he aims to defeat the evil tyrant Hyanthis. The two seasoned superheroes readily agree to assisting their comrade-in-arms from the planet Thanagar. In the next panels we see as the plans made by the Earth-based trio are played out. Each member of the team works solo as they attempt to penetrate the defenses of Hyanthis.

George Perez cover pencils, Romeo Tanghal cover inks.

Katar has determined that the way in which to defeat Hyanthis is by paralyzing everyone on the planet Thanagar. He can do this by banging a gong but this is not just any gong – it is Kanjar Roh’s Gamma Gong. Breaking through the defenses, Hawkman confronts Hyanthis, and he asks her why she has not told the people of Thanagar the truth about the missing armada. Just as he is about to bang the gong with his mace a feminine hand reaches out and grabs hold of Katar’s wrist and a voice is heard shouting “No!”

Shayera dressed as Hawkgirl insists that paralyzing everyone on the planet is not the way to go about this, insisting that Hyanthis is their one true enemy.

Script by Bob Rozakis, pencils by Rich Buckler, art by Pablo Marcos

Then Hawkman uses bird language to send a secret message to his spouse, telling her to stop and that this is not what it seems. At this point, she begins to run blockade for her husband as he bangs the gong. Hawkgirl continues fighting the soldiers who were guarding Hyanthis and after making short order of them, she gets within range to belt Hyanthis with her fist.

Instead of paralyzing everyone, this is a signal to Batman. It turns out that the gong that Hawkman was banging was not the Kanjar Roh’s Gamma Gong. The gong was a signal telling Batman that is his cue to blow up the control board wiping out all the power on Thanagar and thus allowing the rebels to take control of Hyanthis’s headquarters. The rebels storm the room and they tell Katar that they want him to be the new ruler of Thanagar. To which, Hawkman responds by saying that all Thanagarians should vote for their leader as is done on Earth. He then begins to explain to the rebels what has happened to the armada but when he turns to ask Shayera how her search had progressed, he sees that she is gone again. Turning he looks out the window to see a Thanagarian spaceship rocketing off from the planet’s surface. We know that on that ship is Hawkgirl, but what we still do not know is what she is up to.

From the solicitation:
52-page giant. Superman, Batman, and Hawkman star in “Assault on Thanagar” (script by Bob Rozakis, pencils by Rich Buckler, art by Pablo Marcos), Green Arrow in “The Archer and the Assassin” (script by Mike Barr, pencils by Trevor Von Eeden, inks by Larry Mahlstedt), Zatanna in “Dog Day Afternoon” (script by Paul Kupperberg, art by Dan Spiegle), and Captain Marvel in “The Power of Darkness” (script by E. Nelson Bridwell, pencils by Don Newton, inks by Frank Chiaramonte). George Perez cover pencils, Romeo Tanghal cover inks. Cover price $1.00. Grade: Very Good