Hawkgirl cover girl collection #106

World’s Finest #275 (January 1982) VG $4.49

In issue #275 of World’s Finest, the Hawkman story, titled “Matter, Matter Everywhere”, was a continuation from the earlier issue and as before Hawkgirl is missing from both the cover and the content. Yet, she is heavily on the mind of Katar and everyone he encounters.

Cover art: Ross Andru & Dick Giordano

One morning on board the JLA satellite, when Hawkman tells the Flash of his troubles, Barry reminds him that he was recently widowed when his wife Iris was murdered. He bemoans that at least Katar’s wife Shayera could return home at anytime.

Script by Bob Rozakis, Pencils by Alex Saviuk

Later when Hawkman discovers that the culprit of a caper that involves swapping out artifacts in the museum with fakes is none other than his arch nemesis Matter Master, it seems to make no difference to the FBI agent who still considers Shiera as an accomplice. The story ends with to be continued…

Script by Bob Rozakis, Pencils by Alex Saviuk

From the solicitation:
Cover pencils by Ross Andru, inks by Dick Giordano. Summer Days…Winter Nights starring Superman and Batman, script by Paul Kupperberg, pencils by Rich Buckler, inks by Frank McLaughlin; while Metropolis is undergoing a heatwave, Mr. Freeze tries to freeze Gotham City to make it livable for him. Archer In A Cage starring Green Arrow and Black Canary, script by Mike W. Barr, pencils by Trevor von Eeden, inks by Larry Mahlstedt. Soul Shriek starring Zatanna, script by Gerry Conway, art by Dan Spiegle. Matter, Matter, Everywhere starring Hawkman, script by Bob Rozakis, pencils by Alex Saviuk, inks by Rodin Rodriguez. The Snatching of Billy Batson starring Shazam!/Captain Marvel, script by E. Nelson Bridwell, pencils by Don Newton, inks by Dan Adkins. 52 pgs. $1.00. Cover price $1.00. Grade: Very Good