Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #97

Justice League of America #52 (March 1967) GD/VG 3.0 $4.70

I do not believe that I would be as interested in Hawkgirl as I am today if I had not been so girl crazy when I was a kid. I recall the first time I saw Hawkgirl on the cover of a comic book and I have told the story here before about how I originally thought she was either the daughter or the niece of the Hawkman. When I learned that the pair were a married couple, it did not change my image her that much. If anything, it peaked my interest.

Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

And not too long after that, when Batgirl played by Yvonne Craig joined the cast of the Batman TV series in 1967, I welcomed another girl superhero. In fact. I was hoping they would dump Robin and have the Dominoed Daredoll become the better half the dynamic duo. Sorry, Burt.

It was during this time that I was always on the lookout for the next appearance of Hawkgirl and I came to consider her indeed a “rare-bird.” Although she appeared in practically every issue of the Hawkman series, I noticed that while Hawkman was a member of the Justice League, Hawkgirl would almost never appear alongside him in that series and if she did show, it was only a brief cameo. I give as evidence exhibit A, Justice League of America #52 (March 1967) one of which I recently acquired rated GD/VG 3.0 for less than five bucks.

Cover art by Mike Sekowsky & Sid Green

In story titled “Missing in Action — Five Justice Leaguers!” Hawkman and Hawkgirl are seen entering an old abandoned mine for the purpose of capturing a villain named Faceless and his minions. Upon encountering their quarry, the Pinioned Pair decided to split up, with Hawkman going after the leader, while Hawkgirl announced that she would take on the “easy assignment” of rounding up three thugs. In the next panel we see the Winged Wonder Woman tackle all three men with one blow and that is the last we see of Hawkgirl in the story.

Later we learn that Faceless was actually The Martian ManHunter disguised as “one of the world’s most dangerous criminals.” Hawkman then tells us that “after alerting Hawkgirl to this unexpected complication and instructing her to take the gangsters off to jail” he stayed behind to try and learn what the deal was with J’onn J’onz.

The takeaway from this is that not only is Hawkgirl capable of taking on three thugs at once but somehow, she was able to wrangle the trio of thugs off to jail by herself. How she was able to do that, we will never know because that is not shown in the story.

From the solicitation: “Missing in Action–5 Justice Leaguers!” with story by Gardner Fox, art by Mike Sekowsky and inks by Sid Green. Ever wonder why ALL the JLA members don’t turn up for every JLA meeting and participate in every adventure. That question is answered in this issue by five no show members: Superman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, the Aton and Hawkman. Letter from 60s era comic fandom member Irene Vartanoff. Full color, full page ads for Aurora hobby kit ad for Lost in Space, and Caption Action figures, showing all those currently available. Cover price $0.12. Grade: GD/VG 3.0