You can’t have her!

Justice League (2018-) #37 came out last week. As you remember last time, a highly-augmented Lex Luthor (augmented with extra evil, that is) is now attacking Earth-1 following the destruction of another universe by the object of his adulation, the evil goddess, Perpetua.

Batman, piloting an airborne Hall of Justice, takes on Luthor who has arrived in flying Legion of Doom HQ. While down below in the streets the much expanded Justice League battles an army of Apex Predators.

Meanwhile somewhere in the Promethean galaxy, Hawkgirl has been blasted by the Anti-Monitor (aka Moebius) and is near critical condition.

Moebius wants to take Kendra’s razor-sharp wings made of Nth metal and he orders her son, Shayne, to sever her wings. But before he has a chance to further pressure the child of Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter, he is interrupted by the familiar sound of a car horn being honked. Mind you they are somewhere lost in the vastness of outer space…

I do not want spoil anything but will only summarize a speech that Superman gave before the battle began: Goodness always triumphs over evil and to win, you got to have faith.

From the solicitation: “Justice/Doom War” part eight! The Justice League is making their final push against Perpetua, but some players they previously counted as allies may have been working for the other side the whole time! Who among Perpetua’s children will betray them and join Lex Luthor’s war on justice?