She’s Certainly Aged Well

In Justice League #36 (November 2019), the Justice/Doom War continues. The story titled “Pawns of Perpetua” is written by Scott Snyder, with art by Francis Manapul and Howard Porter.

Cover art: Francis Manapul

In part seven of the Justice/Doom War, the League has grown substantially. We see Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman addressing just about every hero in the DC universe gathered at the Hall of Justice. They warn that Lex Luther and the Legion of Doom are on their way. Batman warns the group that “we need Shayne and Hawkgirl back here NOW,” adding that the boy has the power of the sixth dimension inside of him.

Following that, we see Hawkgirl and her son Shayne aboard their ship, lost in the Promethean Galaxy. And although Kendra is in pain, suffering from her injuries after being stabbed by Luthor, she is furiously trying to repair the ship. She continues to blame herself for what has happened. Suddenly the Anti-Monitor shows up and grabbing Hawkgirl in his massive hands he reveals something that that readers have long suspected since she first appeared Dark Nights: Metal #1 (August 2017). He tells the Pinioned Princess: “and now I will crush you in hand like I should have done billions of years ago.” This is a clue that Hawkgirl has been around since the beginning of time.

From the solicitation: How powerful is too powerful? Lex Luthor has assembled everything he needs to complete his plan of turning the world toward doom, including reviving the ancient goddess Perpetua and restoring her powers. But can he keep Perpetua from dragging the DC Universe into the abyss alongside the rest of the Multiverse? This is a question that hero and villain alike must ask, as the epic battle between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom across space and time comes crashing together. Everything that happens here sets the stage for the senses-shattering finale of the Justice/Doom War-and the fate of all existence hangs in the balance!