How Could She Be So Stupid?

Issue #35 of Justice League (2018-) is now out and as you remember the last time Hawkgirl was brutally stabbed by Lex Luther and she missed her cue from Starman. The result was disastrous: Starman died and the evil goddess Perpetua destroyed the first of countless universes.

As the story begins, Hawkgirl and her son Shayne are lost in space. Hawkgirl is badly injured and she blames herself for the death of Starman and the destruction of a universe.

Shayne manages to get Batman on the radio and the Caped Crusader instructs Hawkgirl‘s son on how to get back to the Justice League headquarters.

Francis Manapul

Yet as they make the jump into Bleedspace, something bad happens: the ship’s systems crash and for mother and son the situation becomes even more dire.

Francis Manapul