Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #95

Here is an update of the Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. I collect comic books and only ones with Hawkgirl on the cover (or some from the 1970s where she’s on the inside). This time I present two recent variant covers: Justice League (2018-) #25B and #26B; both from August 2019.

Justice League #25B (August 2019) VF $3.99

Cover by Jim Cheung

This over-sized 48-page issue holds two stories. The first part concludes the sixth-dimension story-arc with a story titled “The Sixth Dimension Conclusion” and the 2nd half introduces the next arc.

The two highlights for Hawkgirl are fighting her Sixth-Dimension counterpart and later decking Batman while he is wearing a “son box suit”.

Art by Jorge Jimenez and Javi Fernandez

The Sixth-Dimension story arc began in Justice League #19 (May 2019). It is the end of a six-issue story-arc and as such there is a lot stuff getting unpacked in in twenty-or-so pages. I read this one back in June and perusing it once or more I was questioning if I had read it. As things are complicated, I will skip attempting to describe what is going on other than to say that as the Sixth Dimension is the highest plane of existence and exists beyond imagination and time it almost goes without saying that whatever happens in dimension six should stay in dimension six. Yet, when Hawkgirl learns that she and Martian Manhunter have a child in the future – a son named Shayne – she insists that he must return with the her and the League when they go home.

Art by Jorge Jimenez and Javi Fernandez

The story ends with the message that the only way forward is together.

From the solicitation: Written by Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez and James Tynion IV. Art by Jorge Jimenez and Javi Fernandez. Cover by Jim Cheung. The ‘Sixth Dimension’ storyline wraps up in this oversize issue as Superman faces down the World Forger to save the Justice League! Can Superman withstand the might of a being that can create worlds from nothing?! Plus, with the Justice League away, Mr. Mxyzptlk the’s been wreaking havoc! Can anyone on Earth stand up to the fifth-dimensional menace? 48 pages, full color. RATED T+ Cover price $4.99. Grade: Very Fine

Justice League #26B (August 2019) NM $3.99

Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino

In issue #26, the Justice Leaguers have returned back to their reality. In the story, Lex Luther is causing trouble for Martian Manhunter who is determined to stop him. Kendra is concerned about J’onn because he is not answering a priority signal from the Hall of Justice.

Art by Javi Fernandez

The League is deep in crisis mode. This is the beginning of the Doom War. This is a crisis on the same level as Crisis on Infinite Earths and at one-point Wonder Woman says, “there are so many incredible heroes we can recruit to our cause the Justice league needs to be bigger than ever before.” As a result, a variety of characters such as Plastic Man, Metamorpho, Supergirl, and Detective Chimp are brought in.

Hawkgirl appears to be in charge of the central command post at Hall of Justice with Queen Mera acting as her assistant.

Kendra is really angry that that she cannot get in contact with J’onn J’onz. Although she seems to be developing strong feelings for the Martian Manhunter; she tells Mira that she is going to kill him and then alludes to another form of punishment.

Queen Mira responds, “You’re not going to kill J’onn.”

To which Kendra says, “You think I don’t know how to use a matchbook.”

I had to pause on that, and it took me a moment to think “Oh yeah, J’onn J’onz has a problem with fire.”

Art by Javi Fernandez

Hawkman appears in a scene where Hawkgirl is explaining to Queen Mira that she handpicked the instructors for what is a very stringent and dangerous training session. No interaction takes place between the two.

Art by Javi Fernandez

This story gives us a view into what is going on in Kendra’s life.

Art by Javi Fernandez

From the solicitation: Written by James Tynion IV. Art by Javi Fernandez. Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino. After being off-planet for so long, the Justice League must try to pick up the pieces of their lives-but Lex Luthor has other plans. If he has his way, he’ll show all of humanity that the Justice League will never be there in the world’s time of need! 32 pages, full color. RATED T+ Cover price $3.99. Grade: Near Mint