Hawkgirl\Covergirl Collection #94

JSA Annual #1 (October 2000) VF $2.99

This is the second or third time that I have discovered a missing cover on an annual edition of a series that I had thoroughly examined when I was researching Hawkgirl’ s appearance as a cover girl over the past 79 years. On the cover of JSA Annual #1 (October 2000) Black Canary, Hippolyta, and Hawkgirl appear to be either in pursuit of or following the character named Nemesis. Chronologically the annual comes between JSA #15 and #16.

Cover by Buzz

In this issue, the first of two stories introduces the character Nemesis.

The second story is titled Sisters and it features Hawkgirl, Black Canary, Star-Spangled Kid (Stargirl) and Hippolyta. The latter being the mother of Diana (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) and Queen of the Amazons. Hippolyta is conducting an intense training exercise for the other three female members of the JSA on the island of the Themyscira.

In the opening scene we see Hawkgirl lurking through a forest and her thoughts are revealed to the reader. She tells up that she does not like hiding and that sooner or later the truth is going to come out. We learn later, when Black Canary spots scars on Kendra’s wrist, that she is referring to her attempted suicide at age 19. Dinah tells Kendra that she is there for her. Afterwards, they meet the new character Nemesis when she is washed up on shore. The JSA members agree to help Nemesis in fighting the Council, a super-secret organization seeking global domination.

Art by Uriel Caton

From the solicitation: WRITTEN BY GEOFF JOHNS AND DAVID S. GOYER; ART BY BUZZ, CANTON; WADE VON GRAWBADGER, AND JIM ROYAL; COVER BY BUZZ A “Planet DC” Annual introduces a new character connected to Archie Goodwin’s and Walter Simonson’s MANHUNTER! Her name is Nemesis, a mysterious Greek vigilante. Will she prove to be a friend or a deadly enemy? And can the women of the team defeat the re-formed, world-threatening Council, now lead by one of the JSA’s greatest villains? Plus, a backup story reveals the origin of Nemesis! FC, 48 PG. Cover price $3.50. Grade: Very Fine