A Grave Consequence

In Justice League #34 (December 2019), Hawkgirl is obsessed with taking revenge on Lex Luthor because of what he did to the Martian Manhunter. However, it is critical that she stay focused on assisting Starman with his plan to prevent the evil goddess Perpetua from destroying the multiverse.

Earlier Hawkgirl came into direct contact with the Totality, giving her remarkable powers including bright shiny wings made of Nth metal.

Yet when the time comes for Kendra to respond to Starman’s cue, she is distracted by Lex. This result is a grave consequence for Hawkgirl.

Nothing beats a good cliffhanger.

From the solicitation: “The Justice Doom War” part five! All Hypertime is breaking! If it blows, all of reality will follow after-which would be just fine for Lex Luthor, who is ready to prove to the evil goddess Perpetua that he’s the bad man for her. The Justice League is attempting to do what they can, chasing the Legion of Doom across the time-sphere. If the Totality is put back together, the whole Multiverse will tip toward Doom…and have consequences that reverberate throughout the DC Universe-assuming it’s not destroyed in the process.