Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #92

Justice League of America #195 (October 1981) FN+ 6.5 $5.40

In the past three years I have bought a little over 200 comic books from a shop located in the heart of America. Up until now I have been happy with each purchase. This time around I feel the shop made a mistake in grading one of the comic books I bought. It is rated FINE (+6.5) and think is should be VERY GOOD or lower.

FINE is defined as follows:

A comic in FN condition is considered “above average” but still displays some wear. In general, the eye appeal is somewhat reduced due to either an accumulation of minor defects or one or two moderate defects. Acceptable defects on a FN copy include: Slight spine roll, a moderate accumulation of spine stresses that may break color, a spine split of less than 1/2″, minor water spotting or residue (less than the size of a dime), an impacted corner, and moderate foxing.

Yet by that definition, on the surface, the condition of this book does appear to be better than FINE. The cover is in great condition – absolutely no water spotting or residue. There is little sign of foxing on the pages and they appear almost cream white. However, see below for the big reveal…

Cover George Perez

There is only one page in this comic book that I was interested in. On the cover there is mention of an “extra” – a supersized bonus pinup”. In the middle of the book there is a there is a two-page spread depicting both the Justice League of America on one side and the Justice Society of America on the other. At this time Hawkgirl has been a member of the Justice League for five years and she is shown with the group on the left-hand facing page.

The issue (pardon my pun) is that the single page that I am interested in is ripped. Part of the upper left of the page is torn off.

George Perez

From the solicitation – First 60c issue. George Perez cover for “Targets on Two Worlds!” (story line runs through #195-197) the annual team-up for the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America takes place. This year the two teams take on the Secret Society of Super-Villains! Co-written by Gerry Conway and George Perezwith art by Perez and inks by John Beatty. This issue features Superman I and II, Batman, Wonder Woman, SA Flash, the Atom, Hourman, Hawkman, Firestorm, the Huntress and Jimmy Olsen. NOTE: This issue features a beautiful full 2-page pin-up scene depicting members of the JLA qand the JSA, 32 heroes in all, beautifully rendered by George Perez, a past master at this sort of thing! Cover price $0.60. Grade: FN+ 6.5

(When it says first 60c issue, what they mean to say is that it was the first 32-page book that sold for 60 cents. Since 1977, there were 48-page Giants for 60 cents.)