A Blast from the Past

Every year, for the past few years, someone in my family has given me a gift card and each time I am told that I must use the card to purchase comic books, a series collection, or at least a book about comic books. Twice now, a year in a row, I have inadvertently preordered a book that would not be available for a few months. My birthday is in July and last year I did not receive my gift until November. This year I got the book that I preordered this past July on the first of October.

DC Comics – Year-By-Year – A Visual Chronicles (New Edition)
Penguin Random House (2019)

From the introduction: “This book is not just a brief history of America’s greatest and longest running comic publisher; it is a month by month chronicle, charting the major (and minor) publications and events from 75 years of DC.”

Between two and four pages are devoted to each year.

It should be noted that the introduction is outdated as the years covered by the 350-page book are 1935 to 2019 – a total of 84 years. Making this the second edition of the original 2010 publication.

Contained in a flap in the back cover there are two prints. I do not know if they are all the same for each copy. One of my prints depicts multiple Batman characters attacking the attacking the real Batman and Robin. The second print is of Harley Quinn.

DC Comics – Year-By-Year – A Visual Chronicles (New Edition) will make in excellent addition to the DC comics hardcover reference books already in my library.

August 1999 – a new Hawkgirl appears