Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #89

Hawkgirl #66 (September 2007) VF $2.49

Hawkgirl #66 was the final issue of Hawkman/Hawkgirl series (2002-2007). The story-arc contained in the finale of the series focuses on the original Hawkman story of the never-ending cycle of reincarnation for Carter Hall and Shiera Saunders. The pair have co-existed since at least 3,000 years ago.

Walter Simonson

This is a milestone issue in that it reveals an important detail regarding the nature of Kendra Saunders, the person who holds the current title of Hawkgirl. I refer to her as a person because the important detail that we learn is that Kendra and her past lives are unique personalities. During a life and death fight with the arch-villain, Hath-Set, we witness as the body that belongs to Kendra is simultaneously occupied by two of her past-life personalities, Chay-ara, a princess of ancient Egypt and her first cousin twice removed, Shiera Saunders Hall, a heroine of the Golden age of comics.

Throughout history and through many births and deaths, the two lovers have had their lives ended by murder and each time the murderer has been some form of the villain Hath-Set. Now believing that they can end the curse by killing Hath-set, Hawkman and Hawkgirl must fight a powerful sorcerer and his minions.

Art by Renato Arlem

As Chay-ara/Shiera/Kendra is engaged in deadly battle against Hath-Set in the main chamber of a pyramid, down below in another chamber, Hawkman is fighting off a small army of mummies. Hearing Shiera’s voice he is uplifted and begins to fight fire with fire.

Following the defeat of their arch-foe, Shiera speaks from Kendra’s body. She and Carter embrace and kiss passionately. After many years, the pinioned pair has been reunited although only briefly. Shiera explains to Carter that she has been with Kendra since Kendra’s attempted suicide. She tells him that her task is done. She says that all that she set out to do when she joined her cousin (Kendra) has been accomplished. She and Kendra wove their lives together for a while but now she must go. At that moment the body now became completely Kendra.

Art by Renato Arlem

Later we see Kendra and Carter playfully flirting. Kendra tells Carter that he is going to have to “earn her”. Carter replies “Deal!”