Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #87

Hawkgirl #57 (December 2006) VF $2.49

Hawkgirl #57 is my least favorite cover. In fact, I was planning to save this one for last but instead I decided to complete the collection of all 17 issues of the short-lived Hawkgirl series that ran from 2006 2007. I have approximately 70 more covers to go to complete my collection of comic books with the main continuity Hawkgirl appearing on the cover. However. the list of Hawkgirl covers grows almost every month. Most recently, Hawkgirl is appearing on the cover of Justice League #29 (October 2019). Also, approximately a dozen covers in my list are outside my price range with some of them going for prices in the thousands.

Cover Artists Howard Chaykin & Dave McCaig

The story title “Trial…(Just because you’re paranoid…)” was written by Walt Simonson and was drawn by Joe Bennett.

In my opinion, page seven should have been the cover.

Art by Joe Bennett