Hawkgirl/CoverGirl Collection Update #83

Detective Comics #452 (Oct 1975) VG- 3.5 $4.99

Here is one more comic book from the 1970s that features Hawkgirl in-between the covers. Although the cover is from 45 years ago, it seems ironically apropos. The book from October 1975, features Batman on the cover reaching for a firearm. Behind him is the “President” and other members of a shadowy group known as the Crime Exchange. We see the “President” as he bellows out “Everyone knows the real Batman will never use a gun for any reason!” The President’s secret identity was a man named Walter Grimes who has been described as “a notorious TV newscaster, who used his public opinion to belittle Commissioner Gordon and Batman for their failure to stop the Crime Exchange.” (DC Fandom)

Cover Artists Ernie Chan & Tatjana Wood
Hawkgirl in her secret identity (Shiera Hall) appears on only one page of a story titled “The Curse of the Ancient Weapons” – written by E Nelson Birdwell and drawn by José Luis Garcia Lopez. The editor of the comic book was the legendary Julius Schwartz – the man who was responsible for bringing back Hawkman and Hawkgirl in the early 60s. Shiera asked Carter if he would be needing her help on the case that he was working on. Carter replied, “No, I plan to use a different winged aide this time.”

Artist José Luis Garcia Lopez
The winged aide that he refers to is a large hawk named Big Red. This fine-feathered friend of the Hawks had been around since the Golden age and from what I can tell, Detective comics #452 is Big Red’s last appearance. Back in the 1940s, Hawkgirl had a gal-pal known as Kitty Hawk and I think she made only one appearance. Then there is this cover from January 1943, showing Hawkman Hawkgirl, Big Red, Kitty Hawk and a kettle of Hawks. The cover’s creator, Sheldon “Shelley” Moldoff, was the second artist to draw Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Artist Sheldon Moldoff
And while we are counting things… Flash Comics #37 was the fifth time that Shiera had appeared on the cover of a comic book; however, it is only the second time that she is appeared as Hawkgirl.