Hawkgirl Animated Fight Scenes

The Hawkgirl character appeared in two animated series: Justice League (2001-2004) and Justice league Unlimited (2004-2006). Someone put together a video showing a number of fight scenes involving Hawkgirl.

The character was named Shiera Hall; however, she was more of a hybrid between Shiera, with her red hair and green eyes, and Kendra Saunders, the darker skinned Latina from San Antonio Texas. The character carries with her a large heavy mace made of Nth metal. Both she and the mace have a mysterious past.

This Hawkgirl does not have a Hawkman. In fact, in one episode when the Carter Hall character appears, Shiera rebuffs his advances. In one part of the series she is in a romantic relationship with the John Stewart Green Lantern.

At the end of the Justice League series Shiera has been ostracized from everyone including her home world of Thanagar and her second home with the Justice League. Both series are available on the DC Universe streaming service. So, you’ll just have to watch the first episodes of Justice League Unlimited to find out what happens to this Hawkgirl.

Meanwhile enjoy these fight scenes.