Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection Update #80

World’s Finest #269 (July 1981) FN $5.40

Cover artists Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano.

In this 52-page giant, there are five stories. There is a team up with Superman and Batman titled “Buried Alive,” a feature with Green arrow titled “Escape Me Never!”, and a story with Red Tornado titled “All the Bits and Pieces of My Life.” Capt. Marvel, Jr. was featured in a story titled “Sabbac Strikes Back.” Finally, there is a story featuring Hawkman and Hawkgirl titled “I Must Go Home Again.”

World’s Finest Comics was a series published by DC comics from 1941 to 1986. Almost every issue featured DC’s two leading superheroes Superman and Batman (and sometimes Robin). Initially the series was nearly 100 pages and would contain 4 to 5 features. Over the course of time, the series would feature Green Arrow, Adam Strange, Vigilante, Creeper, Wonder Woman, and others.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl were featured in World’s Finest approximately 20 times. The story featured in #269 was part two of a three-parter. I previously posted about #268, where Katar (Hawkman) got into a fight with a giant insectoid villain named Lord Insectus.

Note that appearing on the cover is all of the featured players, including Hawkman. Hawkgirl is missing from the cover, yet she in the main character in their story. Hawkman is only seen briefly at the beginning of their feature.

The story was written by Bob Rozakis. It was drawn by Alex Savio and inked by Rodin Rodriguez.

The introduction to the second part, reminds the reader the Hawks are from the planet Thanagar. They came to earth to study police methods. Now they are banished from their home world by an evil tyrant named Hyanthis, but they continue to battle for justice in their distinctive alien police uniforms.

Taking up where the story ended in part one, a stricken Hawkman is pleading with Hawkgirl take him back to Thanagar so that he may receive the badly needed medical attention that can only be had on the surface and skies of Thanagar.

So, off they go, back to their home planet orbiting the north star, Polaris – 433 light-years from Earth.

Hyathis, a tyrant from another planet has taken over Thanagar and has rallied the Thanagarian populace to go to war against the planet Rann. This is the home planet of Adam Strange’s girlfriend, Allana.

When they arrived at Thanagar, Hawkgirl flies down to planet’s surface. She does this knowing full well that Hyathis forces would detect her arrival and come after her.

Hyathis hated the Hawks because they had previously joined forces with the Earthman, Adam Strange to end the cosmic war and free the people of the worlds. Because of this they were banished from their home when Hyathis was chosen as leader of Thanagar.

On Thanagar, Shayera goes to see a doctor named Dr. Jimbi Humm. The doctor claims to be on their side and he provides Shayera the with the medicine for Katar. However, she notices that the first bottle that he gives her is not the medication that he needs; rather it is a poison that would kill Katar.

The doctor claims that he made a mistake. He goes to get the correct bottle. This is when Hawkgirl realizes that the doctor is stalling her. When she looks out the window, she sees a cohort of Wingmen approaching the building.

When the doctor returns with Katar’s medicine, Hawkgirl creates a distraction by tossing the doctor out of the window of the multistory building. This diverts the Wingmen from pursuing her as they must save the falling doctor.

Shayera manages to escape the scene with medicine in hand. Then as she is flying away, she encounters another group of Wingmen. She fights and defeats her attackers. Escaping, she returns to their starship in orbit around the planet.

Words by Bob Rozakis. Art by Alex Savio and Rodin Rodriguez.

In the last panel we see Hawkgirl standing in the doorway of the spaceship as she watches dozens of rocket ships launching from the surface of the planet. The next issue will contain the final part of the story entitled “You and Me Against the World”

Words by Bob Rozakis. Art by Alex Savio and Rodin Rodriguez.