Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection Update #75

Here is an update of the Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. I collect comic books and only ones with Hawkgirl on the cover (or some from the 1970s where she’s on the inside). This time around, I purchased four books from the 1970s, none of which have Hawkgirl posed on the cover. She does however appear in a story in each of the books.

Cover by Ernie Chan

Four Star Spectacular #1 (April 1976) VG+ 4.5 $3.49

Next up is Four-star Spectacular #1 (April 1976) in VG+ condition. This was surprisingly inexpensive for a 40+year number-one at $3.49. This short-lived series always contained four reprinted stories. In this issue we had a Superboy story that is reprinted from Adventure Comics #270 (March 1960). There is a Wonder Woman story that first appeared in Sensation Comics #17 (May 1943). There is also a story featuring the original golden age The Flash in a reprint from All-Flash #22 (March 1946). Finally, there is a story featuring the Hawks in a reprint from Hawkman #7 (May 1965). It is a story titled “Attack of the Crocodile-Men!” It was written by the legendary storyteller, Gardner Fox and drawn by the silver age Hawkman artist, Murphy Anderson.

This story begins with Shiera “Hawkgirl” Hall in the Midway Museum. She is busy tidying-up when suddenly a weird Egyptian statue causes Shiera to shimmer in a weird glow and teleport to some other place. Later Hawkman discovers his wife is being held prisoner by an international organization called CAW – Criminal Alliance of the World. She explains to him how it was possible for them to have her teleported to this place. Using his antigravity belts, Carter is able to pull the heavy a jail door off its hinges and its lock, thus freeing Shiera.

Words by Gardener Fox – Art by Murphy Anderson

From the Solicitation:
68-page giant; all reprints. “The Stolen Identities,” script by Otto Binder, art by George Papp; Two Xelthunians secretly replace Ma and Pa Kent to perform a secret mission, not knowing that the Kents are Superboy’s foster parents; After Ma Kent unwisely mentions Superboy’s vulnerability to kryptonite, the Xelthunians power the transporter ray they plan to use to send Superboy to their planet with red kryptonite and it turns him into a fat Boy of Steel, a bullet-sized Boy of Steel, and a giant Boy of Steel (from Adventure 270 in 1960). Wonder Woman stars in “The Talking Lion” (from Sensation Comics 17 in 1943), script by William Moulton Marston (as Charles Moulton), art by Frank Godwin ; Wonder Woman takes Bobby to the zoo, where they meet Steve Trevor and his niece; The two kids discover that one of the lions can talk. “Attack of the Crocodile-Men, script by Gardner Fox, art by Murphy Anderson (from Hawkman 7 in 1965); When Shiera is teleported out of the museum, Hawkman traces the radiation to Egypt and the secret lair of the Criminal Alliance of the World. The Golden Age Flash stars in “The City of Shifting Sand” (from All-Flash Comics 22 in 1946 with new 1976 art by Edgar Bercasio), script by John Broome, art by Edgar Bercasio; At the annual meeting of the Liar’s Club , Jay Garrick relates a strange tale of the Flash and his battle against deadly sand…sand that hates human beings! Captain Marvel stars in a one-page Hostess ad, “The Cup Cake Caper.” Superman stars in a one-page public service announcement, “Justice For All Includes Children” (art by Neal Adams). New Ernie Chan cover. Cover price $0.50. Grade: VG+ 4.5