Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection Update #74

Here is an update of the Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. I collect comic books and only ones with Hawkgirl on the cover (or some from the 1970s where she’s on the inside). This time around, I purchased four books from the 1970s, none of which have Hawkgirl posed on the cover. She does however appear in a story in each of the books.

Detective Comics # 454 (December 1975) VG- 3.5 $4.30

First up is Detective Comics #454 from December 1975. The cover artists were Ernie Chan & Tajana Wood.

During this period, Detective comics contained two stories. The first one being a Batman story, the second, being a Hawkman/Hawkgirl story. In this issue Hawkman and Hawkgirl appear in story titled The Catch-Me-If-You-Can Crook. The story was written by E. Nelson Birdwell and was drawn by José Luis Garcia-Lopez.

The story is all about Hawkman spending his entire day chasing down one crook. Hawkgirl is not seen until towards the end, when she asks Hawkman (aka Carter Hall) how things are going. In the next panel we see her putting on her helmet and after that she does not appear in the closing pages of the story. The last panel tells the reader that the story is continued in the next issue of Detective Comics.

From the solicitation: Cover by Ernie Chan. “The Set-Up Caper,” script by David Vern (as David V. Reed), pencils by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, inks by Ernie Chan; A gang boss with a propensity for hand-to-hand combat uses two professional fighters as stalking horses to figure out Batmans fighting moves, and how to counter them. “The Catch-Me-If-You-Can Crook!” starring Hawkman and Hawkgirl, script by E. Nelson Bridwell, art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. 36 pgs., full color. $0.25. Cover price $0.25. Grade: VG- 3.5