Three Hawkgirls & an Antique

Here is an update of the Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. I collect comic books and only ones with Hawkgirl on the cover (or some from the 1970s where she’s on the inside). This time around I bought three Hawkgirl’s and another one of those issues from the 1970s where Hawkgirl may not be on the cover but she does appear in the story. I will tell you about the three Hawkgirl’s in the next post. But for right now may I present to you…

Justice League of America (1960 1st Series) #88 (March 1971) GD+ 2.5 $4.30

cover by Neal Adams
drawn by Dick Dillin
writer Mike Friederich

In the prologue of Justice League of America #88, we are shown the return of the survivors of Mu. The island of Mu, like Atlantis, is a mythological island that according to legend sank in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago. In this story there is a spaceship filled with survivors of the destruction of Mu. The space-travelers are returning after hundreds of centuries in outer space and their intent is to wipe out humanity and restore their lost civilization of Mu.

Dick Dillin

On page 3 begins part one. We see a party of three people working with pick axes on island sand dune. They are Hal Jordan, Carter and Shiera Hall. The Halls, who are museum curators in Midway, are on an archaeological dig in the South Sea Islands and Hal has come along for the ride.

Shiera discovers a small stele inscribed with “strange pictorial symbols”. She can identify only one symbol -the symbol of Vengeance.

Cue ominous music.

Suddenly Shiera is struck by a bolt of blue lightning rendering her unconscious. Carter immediately changes into Hawkman and carrying his wife, he flies off to a hospital.

On pages seven and eight, we witness the conclusion of a supposed romance that has been going on between Batman and Black Canary. We see Batman fondly recalling their kiss which occurred in issue #84 a few months before. As it turns out Black Canary is seeking advice from Batman regarding Green Arrow. Green Arrow sees them together and is jealous. Black Canary tells Batman that she thinks of him as a “brother”. In the end Green Arrow is angry at Batman; while Batman has been totally humiliated by Dinah.

Dick Dillin

In the epilogue, Hawkgirl makes her only appearance. She is seen standing beside Hawkman as he says: “Shiera was not hurt too badly. She made a rapid recovery.”

Dick Dillin

It is interesting to note that the wife of Aquaman makes an appearance in the story without any apparent reason. Shortly after Hawkman takes off with Shiera headed towards hospital, Aquaman and his wife Mera are seen wading out of the ocean towards Green Lantern. On page 6, Mera is told to go home but in the epilogue in the second panel on page 2 she shows up besides Aquaman once again. She may have been there just as a way of reminding readers that Aquaman has wife whose name is Mera.

Dick Dillin
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From the solicitation: And where the super-powered Justice League fail…three ordinary people save the Earth! “The Last Survivors of Earth!” is written by Mike Friedrich, with art by Dick Dillin and Joe Giella. Characters: Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Hawkman [Katar Hol]; Aquaman; Superman; Batman; Black Canary; The Atom [Ray Palmer]; Green Arrow (all as the Justice League of America/JLA); Hawkwoman [Shayera Thal] (as Hawkgirl]; Mera; Omar Ibn Ali; Lok Lu; Pete Conk; People of Mu (villains). Cover by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. Cover price $0.15. Grade: GD+ 2.5


I want to add a shout out to DC Universe. With an annual subscription to the DC Universe, in addition to the movies, the television shows, and the animated series, I have access to thousands of comic books. Just looking at titles from the Golden and Silver ages, I see listed Action Comics (450 issues), Batman (531), Detective comics (618), and Justice League of America (247). For some time now I have been wanting to read the complete Justice League of America from 1960 to 1984. Even though the series did not end until 1987. I consider the cut off for my reading to be issue #232 (November 1984). This was the last appearance of the team consisting of the original Justice League plus heroes who joined over the course of almost 25 years. Before I found all these issues available on DC Universe, I had read most of the early issues in the series through volumes that collected not only the early series but all of the annual crisis crossovers. I am currently making my way through the mid-1970s.