The Great Equalizer (Cont.)

Here is an update of the Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. I collect comic books and only ones with Hawkgirl on the cover (or some from the 1970s where she’s on the inside). This is part two of a posting about three issues of Justice League of America from the 1970s. Hawkgirl did not appear on any these covers. She appeared in a flashback in the first issue, was only mentioned in the second, and finally appeared in the closing panels of the last issue in the story-arc.

Although she started out as a damsel-in-distress – she was stricken by the Equalizing plague and quarantined on her home world of Thanagar, in the end of the final issue Hawkgirl is brought back to Earth by her husband. She is still ill with the Equalizing sickness and it is because of that her return to Earth saved the planet from an attack by an army of creatures known as the Adaptoids.

To recap… you had the Equalizer, this grotesque creature, going about the Universe spreading a disease that causes anyone who exerts themselves to become “average”. It was a plague that as it spread caused everyone to become the same size and equal in ability.

The entire planet of Thanagar was infected and this included Shayera “Hawkgirl” Hol. Her husband, Katar “Hawkman” Hol managed to escape; although he was infected.

Hawkman returned to Earth – actually he went to Mars. With his ship orbiting Mars, he was detected by the JLA. A team of Justice Leaguers went to Mars to investigate. Hawkman had set them with an ambush. He had set this trap for the purpose of infecting the JLA with the disease. With they exposed to him and he to them, they lost a portion of their powers and he gained a bit of each of theirs.

After Hawkman took off, the heroes are on the surface of Mars trying to figure out what to do next. They realize that although they have lost a portion of each one’s individual power, they could join together an exert their combined willpower to power and direct Green Lantern’s ring.

Using the emerald ring of the Green Lantern corps, they set out to follow the ion-trail left by the Equalizer’s spacecraft.

Meanwhile, Hawkman has already located the Equalizer and the pair engage in battle. The Equalizer manages to get the best of Hawkman when he causes Hawkman spacecraft to dematerialize. While Hawkman can survive in space under certain conditions, longer than normal humans; however, he will be stranded in the vastness of outer space and will eventually die out there. Luckily, his fellow JLA’ers show-up and GL casts a green bubble of protection around the Pinioned Paladin. Now it is Hawkman and the other five JLA’ers going up against the Equalizer.

Justice League of America #118 (May 1975) VG/FN 5.0 $5.00

From the solicitation: Cover art by Dick Giordano. Takeover of the Earth-Masters!, script by Elliot Maggin, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Frank McLaughlin; the Earth-Masters subjugate the planet, leaving the Justice League defeated. 36 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25. Grade: VG/FN 5.0

In the next issue (#118), the only mention of Hawkgirl is when Hawkman and Aquaman are on duty on the satellite. Aquaman suggests that Hawkman should go Earth-side and try to relax. He remarks that he understands that Hawkman is worried about his wife, who is quarantined on the planet Thanagar.

An Earth Astronomer sent out a message that was misinterpreted by a remote civilization. The alien race dispatched an army of creatures whose mission was to destroy the JLA. Initially they cripple each member of the JLA and then they begin a takeover of planet Earth.

In the beginning, Hawkman was right there with the others, putting up the good fight against the invaders who were known as the Adaptoids. Then all of sudden, he takes off and steers his spaceship on a course back to his home world of Thanager. Needless to say, but other JLA’ers were pissed at him.

The Adaptoids beat the crap out of the entire JLA and Hawkman is being blamed.

Justice League of America #119 (June 1975) VG/FN 5.0 $5.00

From the solicitation: Cover art by Dick Giordano. Winner Takes the Earth!, script by Elliot S! Maggin, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Frank McLaughlin; the Adaptoids continue their quest to take over the world; Hawkman and Hawkgirl return from Thanagar, exposing all to a plague. 32 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25. Grade: VG/FN 5.0

At the start of the next issue (#119), with most of JLA effectively wiped-out, we learn that the Adaptoids are planning to exterminate all of humanity.

Batman & Atom and Green Arrow & Elongated Man make a valiant attempt to take on the Adaptoids and they too fail. They continue to blame Hawkman for their current dilemma.

Green Arrow and Ralph discuss the situation on Thanagar

Shortly after that, the Adaptoids gained access to the satellite and just when it looked like that all was doomed a Thanagar starship shows up at the docking hatch.

Hawkman and a mysterious astronaut are seen exiting the starship.

The astronaut is revealed to be Hawkgirl!

Hawkgirl infects everyone with the Equalizing disease. This includes the Adaptoids; thus causing the Adaptoids to lose power and the JLA’ers to regain their powers.

Hawkgirl has saved the day! She also has great idea on what to do with Adaptoids… Relocate them on an uninhabited planet. Hawkman volunteers that he and Hawkgirl will take the Adaptoids to a planet halfway between Earth and Thanagar.

In the end, Hawkman announces that he and Hawkgirl will be settling down on Earth again. This is not the end of the story. First they must find a cure of the Equalizing disease and restore order to their home world. There are other creatures in multiverse who have different ideas regarding the fate of the planet Thanagar.

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