Hawkgirl\Covergirl Collection Update #50

Justice League of America (2006 2nd Series) #12A (Oct 2007) FN $3.60

There is a lot of soap opera-type tension in this issue. First, there is mention of Kendra’s young daughter having died at some time in the past. Kendra does not confirm this and she only asks Red “Reddy” Tornado how he knew about her daughter. Kendra then goes to the database and learns that Roy “Speedy” Harper has a daughter named, Lian. When the girl shows up with her father, Kendra wraps her wings around her like a mother hen. Later, Reddy walks-in on Roy and Kendra in bed for the first time. This is after Reddy has been warned to not to interfere and Dinah (Black Canary) having given a warning to Kendra to not hurt Roy. Dinah had played mother to Roy when he was a boy. Instead of the title “Monitor Duty”, perhaps they should have titled the story “As the Monitor Turns”.

In the previous decade, Hawkgirl did double duty as both a member of the JSA and JLA. She appeared on several covers of the run of “Justice League of America” (2006-2011) – I count fourteen out of the 60 issues that made up this second series to bear this title. My count is definitely off because, as I discovered today, she also appeared on the “C” variant of this issue. In addition, I discovered three more variant covers that she appeared on. See my Collection and my Wishlist at comicbookdb.com.

First Printing. Written by Brad Meltzer Art by Ed Benes, Sandra Hope and Eric Wight Standard covers by Alex Ross Brad’s Meltzer’s fantastic run on the JLA concludes with a shocking cliffhanger! ‘Monitor Duty’ is an amazing day in the lives of the world’s greatest heroes, as only the League’s artist Ed Benes could envision! Cover price $3.50. Grade: Fine