POW: The Secret Origin of Dr. Fate

More Fun Comics (1936-1947) #73 Kindle & comiXology

Here is a fun fact: the first comic book published by the company that later became DC Comics, was titled “New Fun”. Its first issue was published February 1935 by National Allied Publications. After the sixth issue, the series title became “More Fun Comics“. Not too long after Superman first appeared in “Action Comics” in 1938, “More Fun Comics” introduced a number of Superheroes whose early exploits appeared in within its pages.

The Spectre! first appeared in More Fun Comics #52 February 1940. Green Arrow and Aquaman both first appeared between the pages of More Fun Comics in the same  year. Superboy first appeared in More Fun Comics #101 in January 1945. One of the founding members of the Justice Society of America, Dr. Fate first appeared in More Fun Comics #55 (May 1940).

Dr. Fate’s debut was in a story titled The Menace of Wotan. In it was featured Dr. Fate and his girlfriend Inza Cramer. It was also where the Helmet of Fate, Amulet of Oedipus, and his Cloak of Destiny first appeared. In this story an evil creature named Wotan kidnaps and attempts to murder Inza by setting her on fire. Dr. Fate stops the fire by distracting Wotan and freeing Inza. In the end Dr. fate grabs Wotan and tosses him out the window of a multistory building. Wotan apparently died when he hit the pavement below.

And people say that comic books are too violent today…