In the News…

Two articles caught my eye this morning: Justice League #7 Unveils New Character, Portends Death for Others – Spoilers By Vaneta Rogers and DC Comics Promises A Major DC Character Will Die in the Next 21 Days! by John F. Trent

Since both articles appeared to have something to do with the death of a character or two, the first thing that came to mind was that it is far too early for them to start killing off the Hawks, but that is bound to happen at some point. As the first article deals with a yet-to-be-released issue and contains spoilers, I will skip that one.

The second article mentions information that came from something I had not heard of, titled “DC Nation.” As it turns out DC Nation is a monthly free magazine that brings you insider information on the characters and creators of DC universe. I looked for this over on Comixology and I found it there and it is indeed free. Since May of this year there have been five issues starting with issue #0 this past May. Skipping ahead to issue #4 (September 2018), the article listed above deals with an upcoming 7-issue miniseries titled “Heroes in Crisis”.

Described as a comic book starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn, the #1 issue goes on sale September 26.

In addition, described as an elephant in the room, word has it that multiple “super-powered patients” are going to die. It us tells that the top six contenders are as follows and it provides odds for each one. This only seems useful if anyone is placing bets. In which case, I am putting my money on Harley Quinn; however, I do think that Roy Harper is a much more pathetic character – both sad and expected.

I now have five months of DC Nation to catch up on.