POW: 3 Earths! 3 Deaths!

Crisis on Infinite Earths, No. 6, Sept. 1985 Comics – 1985

A pivotal moment in Crisis on Infinite Earths comes in issue #6 of the 12-issue mini-series from 1985, when Harbinger sacrifices herself to save three of the five remaining universes.

This scene depicts an event of cosmic proportions occurring simultaneously across three universes and observed from the anti-matter universe.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 (September 1985)
Story: Marv Wolfman – Art: George Perez

In the background, we see all the planets, moons, and stars of each universe rushing through a portal that has opened in the Harbinger’s cosmic body. Their destination is the Netherverse where Earths 1 & 2 have been sequestered. While in the foreground we see the wide-eyed, dropped-jaw reaction of the super-heroes expressed in the distinctive style of the artist, George Perez.

Up until this point, Psycho-Pirate’s control over everyone’s emotions has caused chaotic battles to erupt on the three Earths. Suddenly everyone stops what they were doing as they witness the event unfolding before them.

On Earth-4, we see Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-2, pausing over the unconscious body of Thunderbolt, an Earth-4 hero whom Flash has just stopped from committing suicide by jumping into the Anti-matter curtain. Peacemaker, another Earth-4, Charlton Comics hero is standing behind the Flash.

On Earth-X, the planet where the Nazis won WWII, we see Starfire of Earth-1 and two members of the Freedom Fighters, Phantom Lady and the Human Bomb, cease doing battle with one another as they behold the immensity of the event that is taking place.

On Earth-S, the main planet of the Marvel family, where Supergirl, Changeling, and Black Canary have been involved in an insane street-fight with a wild-eyed and crazed Captain Marvel, abruptly cease fighting as they witness the Earth being “drawn through the focused image of the woman called Harbinger”

Finally, we see Psycho-Pirate freaking out as he suddenly loses control over the billions, upon billions of souls whose emotions he was guiding towards death and destruction.

Harbinger has taken the three universes to a place where for now they will be out of the reach of the Anti-Monitor.