POW: Harbinger

Crisis on Infinite Earths, No. 2, May 1985 Comics – 1985

This week’s page of the week comes from Crisis on Infinite Earths #2 (May 1985). In this scene, in this epic and iconic mini-series, Harbinger has returned to the Monitor’s satellite and informs the assembled superheroes they are to be split up into teams and sent into one of five crucial eras throughout time.

One of the heroes, Arion of Atlantis, senses that something about Harbinger has changed and there is a darkness within her. The heroes are uncertain that they trust either the Monitor or Harbinger, but Superman of Earth-2, speaking for the group of fifteen super-heroes and villains, agrees to participate in the Monitor’s plan to resist the destructive force of the Anti-Monitor.

Yet, as revealed in the last three panels, Harbinger has in fact been compromised by a dark force.

Crisis on Infinite Earths (May 1985)
Artist: George Perez – Writer: Marv Wolfman