Wonder Woman #48 (August 2018)

Hawkgirl Is Everywhere These Days – She appears on the cover and in between the pages of Wonder Woman #48 (August 2018).

I had read that Wonder Woman was getting a little brother and I guess this is news to just about everyone else including Hawkgirl and Cyborg.

Writer: James Robinson/ Penciler: Jesús Merino

I do not normally read Wonder Woman, so I am not at all familiar with the current Wonder Woman storyline. This issue is the third issue in a 3-issue story arc. It starts out with Wonder Woman being kidnapped by the Zamoran Star Sapphires, leaving her brother, Jason, to fight “gods” who have escaped from the Source Wall. The Justice League including Hawkgirl showed up to help him out.

This where Hawkgirl makes yet another cryptic statement regarding her new origin story when she says: “I’m new here, too.”

Writer: James Robinson/ Penciler: Jesús Merino