POW: Dream Girl

This week’s page of the week comes from Legion of Super-Heroes #2 (Mar 2005).  Here we see Dream Girl messing with Brainy’s head.

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 (Mar 2005) – Mark Waid (writer) & Barry Kitson (artist)

Dream Girl is a pre-cog from the planet Naltor. Her real name is Nura Nal. Her skills are more involved than just knowing next week’s weather. She is a skilled fighter because she can see mere seconds into the future and is, therefore, able to know where her opponents are going to be seconds from now. Thus, having a greater advantage in the heat of battle.

Brainiac 5 possess powerful computation skills. This gives him the ability to make highly accurate predictions regarding the future. Yet while he merely predicts the future, Dream Girl with her pre-cognitive powers is able to dream the details of future events and this makes Brainy a little bit crazy.

In the scene above, Brainiac 5 is letting Nura know what he thinks of her abilities and she tells him that he will change his mind when they get married in the future. This has Brainy wondering if she is joking or if she has actually “seen” their union in matrimony sometime soon.

Dream Girl has a way of making everyone crazy. Dream Girl first appeared in Adventure Comics #317 (Feb 1964)

Adventure Comics #317 (February 1964) – Cover Artists: Curt Swan

The guys were very eager to let Dream Girl join the Legion; however, Saturn Girl and the other girls were not impressed by this platinum blonde from outer space.

Adventure Comics #317 (February 1964) – Edmond Hamilton (writer) & John Forte (Artist)