More Covers

Here are new covers for Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. This time around, I bought the last cover from the 1970s that I needed to add and I recently discovered a “missing” cover from the 1980s. I rounded out the order by rounding-out the remaining three issues that I have on the list for Hawkman series #4 (2002-2007).

Superman #252 (June 1972) – FR/GD 1.5

This was the last cover from the 1970s that I needed to add to the collection. It is a 100-page “super spectacular” with a theme being “The World’s Greatest Flying Heroes”. In the past, I have found this big-boy listed with prices ranging from $30 for FN+ 6.5 to $20 for VG- 3.5.

Then the other day, I saw this one listed for $11. If there had not been a scan of the item that I could review, I may not have gone for it. I was satisfied that, although there was some spine damage, the cover was not torn or stained.

One thing I found to be odd about this book is that it is slightly wider than any other comics that have in the collection. Another book in the collection is also a 100-page super-spectacular, but it fits in the storage method that I employ. Other than the two dozen covers I have mounted on the wall in my office/man-cave, I keep the other 75 or so books in BCW sleeves along with the boards that they shipped with. These sleeves have 3-holes and I have found that I can store about 25 to 30 books in 3-inch binders. So far, I have nearly filled three binders.

Since I could not fit this book into one of BCW bags, it is kept in the bag w/ board that it was shipped in and I am storing it in the pocket on the inside cover of one of the binders. This is a wrap-around cover and there is some damage to the back cover.

In this issue, there are nine reprints of stories from the Golden and Silver age of comics. The story that showcases the Hawks is titled “Hawkgirl” and it comes from Flash Comics #24 (December 1941).

This is Shiera’s second appearance in a Hawk costume; the first was in All-Star Comics #5 June/July 1941, but now it is official (sort of.) Interestingly, the term “Hawkgirl” does not appear in this story but the term “Hawkwoman” does. It is not until the next appearance that she becomes (officially) “Hawkgirl.”

In this story, Shiera, in her Hawkwoman costume, is mistaken for Hawkman multiple times although she is the one with boobs in the hideous headdress.

It took about six years before Hawkgirl’s mask was changed to something that did not look ridiculous on her. I am reluctant to try and get internal page scans of this book; not wanting to further damage the spine. The book is not falling apart, and I just want to keep it that way. So, here is an image of a page from Flash Comics #24 that I found:


Although the book was rated FR/GD, I think it is more GD than FR. Here is a definition of GD: “A GD copy has major defects but is still complete and readable. A GD copy will have a significant amount of damage, usually an accumulation of smaller defects punctuated with some major defects. Acceptable defects on a GD copy include: A vertical book-length crease, 1.5″-2″ spine split, cover or centerfold completely detached, major tears, heavy discoloration/brittleness due to oxidation, heavy amounts of staining, residue, and water damage.”

Swamp Thing #58 (March 1987)

A few weeks ago, I thought I had discovered a missing “Hawkgirl” cover and I probably should have researched this one. Although it appears to be Hawkgirl and Hawkman fighting Swamp Thing while Adam Strange cowers at the bottom of the cover, it turns out to be not the case. The characters depicted are a pair of “bad” Thanagarians named Keela Roo and Scira Ek. I cannot say what happens to them; only to say that you will not find them in another comic book. However, this does explain why this book never showed up during my research. I saw it on someone’s Facebook page and assumed it was a “Hawkgirl” cover.

Hawkman v.4 #47 (February 2006)

I have not yet read this issue but flipping through the pages I see that Adam Strange guest-stars in the issue and this trio of good guys take on bad guys Black Star and Golden Eagle.

Hawkman v.4 #48 (March 2006)

I also have not read this issue, but I do know what the cover depicts… After 48 issues, Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders finally hook-up. I wonder how long this will take when a new Hawkman series comes out next month and Hawkgirl joins the new Justice League.

Hawkman v.4 #49 (April 2006)

I have not read this one either, but what I do know is this is the next to last issue in the 4th Hawkman series. Following issue #50, the series changed its title to Hawkgirl and Kendra Saunders assumed the title role. The series continued under the name Hawkgirl until its cancellation with issue #66 in 2007.