POW: Hawkgirl & Deadman

Hawkman (vol. 4) #36 (March 2005) – On this page, appropriately bordered in black, Hawkgirl meets Deadman. When the deceased circus performer turned ghost with super-powers greets Kendra as though they had met before, she replies: “I’m not that Hawkgirl?”

It is not clear which Hawkgirl she is referring to.

In the current continuity, there are two other Hawkgirls: Shiera Saunders-Hall (the original golden-age Hawkgirl) or Shayera Thal (the Hawkwoman of the Hawkworld series).

He and she were both in Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985) – #5, but then who wasn’t. The same thing goes for the God’s of War (1991).

He does appear with Kendra in the “Day of Judgement” limited series in 1999. In fact, wearing the same “cute new outfit” that Deadman speaks of.

The ironic part about this is that six years after this issue came out, Deadman is forced to kill Kendra and Carter in Brightest Day #18 (March 2011).