POW: Zatanna’s Debut

Zatanna, the Magic Maid, made her first appearance in Hawkman #4 (Nov 1964). In the story titled “The Girl Who Split In Two”, the Hawks each discover one “half” of a paralyzed Zatanna. Taking their discoveries up to their Thanagarian spaceship in orbit high above Earth, they attempt to put Zatanna back together again.

Zatanna is the daughter of the magician, Zatara. He first appeared in a feature story in Action Comics #1 (June 1938), the same issue in which Superman debuted. Recently he has disappeared and his daughter is now on a mission to find him. After her initial appearance, over the course of the next three years, she appeared in four other titles as she sought help from the heroes in locating her lost parent. Next stop was The Atom #19 (Jul 1965) then Green Lantern v.2 #42 (Jan 1966). She meets Elongated Man in  Detective Comics #355 (Sep 1966) and finally Justice League of America #51  (Jul 1967)