POW: Hawkgirl Day is April 25th

This week’s page-of-the-week comes from All-Star Comics #5 (Apr 1941)

Upon the publication of this issue, Hawkgirl’s first appearance is considered to be April 25, 1941. Although she was not called Hawkgirl until a few months later, Shiera Sanders put on a spare set of Nth Metal flying gear and a modified Hawkman costume to impersonate Hawkman. She became Hawkgirl (officially) in Flash Comics #24 (Dec 1941) – making her older than Wonder Woman in more than one way. She was first called Hawk-woman, then Hawk-girl and finally Hawkgirl.

All-Star Comics #5 (Apr 1941) – Writer: Gardner Fox – Artist: Sheldon Moldoff