POW: Squirm While I Tell You Everything

Tales of the Teen Titans issues #42-44, plus Annual #3, presented a four-issue story-arc titled “The Judas Contract”. This story-arc was later made into an animated movie that was released this past summer. The story is about a troubled-teen super-hero name “Terra” whose super-power was “geokinesis” – the ability to control and manipulate all forms of rock and earthly materials. Her secret identity was “Tara Markov”. She first appeared in New Teen Titans issues #26 (December 1982) and she joined the team in New Teen Titans #30 (April 1983).

The character was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

The page is from the retitled series Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3 (July 1984). In this scene, it is revealed that sixteen-year-old Tara has been really naughty. She betrayed the Titans and it is implied that she has been fooling around with the 40-ish Terminator (aka Deathstroke). To make sure that the reader knows that Tara is really, really naughty, she is shown with a cigarette dangling from her lip.

Words by Marv Wolfman and art by George Perez