Hawkgirl as Cheerleader

There was this interesting “Awwww” moment in Dark Night Metal #6. It was when Wonder Woman was not clear on what she was supposed to do – on what she needed to focus on in order to defeat Barbatos — and Hawkgirl gave the following speech to WW:

“[You should focus] on what you always do — Your friends! I’ve met a lot of people over thousands of lives, but you… you make people see the truth! That they are loved, and worth it. You did it for me. From the beginning, Barbatos has separated us. Made us feel alone, hopeless. But you call the formations. You never gave up on Superman, Batman, Carter or me. You bind us. So, go down there and find our friends! Get what we need and together we’ll send that bastard back to the dark! I won’t let go! I’ll never let go again!”

Now, just compare this with back in #3 when Hawkgirl was being a total B—

Kendra references Wonder Woman’s genesis from a lump of clay