The Essential Hawkman

According to more than one article I have seen, Warner Bros. might be working on Hawkman & Hawkgirl movie. However, nothing is confirmed and it just a rumor at this time.

What is not a rumor and is a certainty is that a Hawkman comic book series will have its debut this Summer. I have made a list of top ten items that I think are essential to any Hawkman movie or series. Hawkman #1 on sale June 13.

Top Ten Items Essential to a Hawkman series

  1. Mystery-Men – return to roots of Hawkman
  2. Reincarnation – Carter & Shiera recalling past lives
  3. Tragic Romance – Carter & Shiera recalling their past deaths
  4. Lots of Sexual Tension
  5. Ancient UFOs from Thanagar
  6. Lots of Nth Metal
  7. Lots of Manhawks
  8. Shadow Thief
  9. Gentlemen Ghost
  10. A secret invasion of Earth by aliens from the Planet Thanagar led by Blyth Rok


Flash Comics #2 (Feb 1940)