March Covers – Add

Here is an addition to the March additions to my Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. At $14, Secret Origins #1 (March 1973) is also the most expensive addition to date. The reason why I have held off on buying this issue has nothing to with cost. It has everything to do with the fact that Hawkgirl barely appears on the cover. So, much so that I considered not even adding to list. Then I thought that would be dishonest.

Hawkgirl’s appearance is the smallest and perhaps almost indiscernible showing on any of the 200+ covers. Look at the bottom right of the cover, squint your left and tilt your head to the left. See that squiggle flying across the face of the moon towards the clock tower? That’s Hawkgirl.

Secret Origins premiered in the summer of 1961 with a giant-sized special reprinting of the provincial origin stories of various DC heroes as originally presented in their respective individual comics. DC Comics revived Secret Origins as an ongoing comic book series in March of 1973, with a publishing run of only seven issues.

Secret Origins #1 contains reprints of three oldie but goodie stories. One of which is from Flash Comics #88 (Oct 1947).

It is “The Ghost” featuring the golden age Hawkman & Hawkgirl.

The artist of this story was the legendary Joe Kubert.

Shiera’s mask/headdress went through at least four changes during the 1940s and what is seen issue #88 is maybe third before the series ended almost a dozen issues later in January of ’49.

Hawkgirl’s golden age headdresses.