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The current focus of my Hawkgirl\Covergirl collection has now turned to the 1990s and this means Hawkworld, the era of my least favorite version of Hawkgirl. This is the era of Shayera Thal, the 3rd incarnation of Hawkgirl (note that I wrote incarnation and not reincarnation).

What happened was that a few years into the Post-Crisis period, DC Comics allowed writers Timothy Truman & John Ostrander to obliterate the Silver Age Hawks and totally reboot the origin stories for Hawkman and now, Hawkwoman.

Basically, the Hawkworld story was that Katar and Shayera were now in the early 90s for the first time coming to Earth. They were still police officers from the planet Thanagar, but their back-stories were different and at the same time, the entire history of Hawkman and Hawkgirl was rewritten (retconned) to essentially wipe-out the history of the Silver Age Hawks who had prospered between 1961 and 1988. Tim Board explains this retconn better than I ever could – see Putting Hawkman Back Together Again.

Here is how Wikipedia explains the controversy:

Along with its contemporaries The Man of Steel, Batman: Year One, Aquaman Special #1, and Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn, Hawkworld was intended to revise DC Universe continuity for the post-Crisis continuity that explored the origins of the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman. However, DC editors decided that it was not just an origin story; rather, it was occurring in the present, concurrently with the rest of DC’s output (similar to Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals and The Power of Shazam!). This meant that the Hawks’ entire history from the Silver Age onward had to be disregarded, including their memberships in the Justice League (including their brief membership in Justice League International). This began a series of nonstop retcons to the Hawkman characters that ended with a new Hawkman returning in the pages of JSA [around 2000].

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I was 9-years old when I first read a Hawkman/Hawkgirl story. I can even tell you what issue it was because I remember the cover. It was Hawkman #3 (August 1964). Following that, I read the Hawkman series and I read the Justice League of America and other titles where the Silver Age Hawks appeared. With the early 90’s retconning of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, my Silver Age Hawks were made to be not only non-existent but also “never existed” – null and void! What it says me is that I wasted my hard-earned allowance on stories that either never happened or were the result of some sort of fraud. Luckily Convergence: Hawkman (2015) seems to have corrected that little bit of fraud.

There were two Hawkworld series. There was a three-issue limited series by Timothy Truman that was published in 1989. Hawkgirl (Hawkwoman) did not appear on any of those covers.

Then came an ongoing series that lasted for four years (1990–1993) and included 32 issues, along with 3 annuals. Hawkgirl (Uh, I mean “Hawkwoman”) appeared on 15 of those covers. That includes the three annuals.

So, this is where I am now, collecting covers of my least favorite version of Hawkgirl (sorry, I mean Hawkwoman).

Hawkworld v.2 Annual #1 FN $1.70

This is one of the most controversial issues produced by DC Comics. It in this issue that the Hawk’s backstory is totally rebooted.

Synopsis for “A Hawkman of Two Worlds?”
Thanks to an encounter with Wally West, the Flash, Katar and Shayera become aware that there was a Hawkman and Hawkgirl team before them. Tracking down Joan Garrick, wife of the original Flash for more information, they are hurled back through time and find themselves impersonating their predecessors, Carter and Shiera Hall, in order to save Jay Garrick from a vengeance crazed Fiddler, who is trying to kill his old foe before his allotted time. Ultimately, the Flash and the Hawks defeat the dying Fiddler, whose soul is apparently taken to Hell by the spirit of the Fakir who had originally given him his powers. Katar also meets his father, Paran Katar as a young man, and learns of his involvement in the origins of the first Hawkman.

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Hawkworld v.2 Annual #2 (1991) FN $1.70

This issue is part of the Armageddon 2001 crossover event.

Hawkworld v.2 Annual #3 (1992) FN $1.70

In this issue, Hawkwoman is “eclipsed” by Eclipso. She becomes a crazed Harpy and does battle against Katar.

This is somewhat similar to a story published in 1968 where Shayera becomes possessed by the demon, Medusa.  Hawkman #25 (May 1968)

Hawkworld v.2 #2 (Jul 90) VF $1.70

It is in this issue that we meet Katar Hol and Shayera Thal, police officers, from the planet Thanagar.

 Hawkworld v.2 #4 (Sep 90) VF $1.70

Hawkworld v.2 #7 (Jan 91) VF $1.70

From Hawkworld v.2 #2

John Ostrander on Hawkworld’s meaning