Cool Site: Mike’s Amazing World

Found this curious website titled Mike’s Amazing World ( From the menu I selected Character and then Chronology. This is cool. It provides an easy to read table of the chronology of appearances of a chosen DC character. For example, the chronology appearance of character may be different from the order in which they appearances were published.

I plugged in “Hawkgirl” and I got back four choices

  • Shayera Hall (Earth-1)
  • Shiera Hall (Earth-2)
  • Shayera Hall (Post-Crisis)
  • Shiera Sanders-Hall (Post-Crisis)
  • Shayera Thal (Hawkworld)

The data seems to go up to end of the eighties, but that is okay because the Golden, Silver, and Bronzes ages were so important to the DC multiverse that they deserve the focus.

Important things to note in the lists below…

  • Brave and the Bold #42 chronologically precedes Brave and the Bold #34 as this story contains a flashback to when the Hawks left Thanagar
  • I did not see Shiera Sanders-Hall in Infinity Inc. #48
  • Confirms my view that Hawkman vol 2 began before Crisis on Infinite Earths. Did not realize that the “crisis” occurs between Hawkman v.2 #4 and Hawkman v.2 #5

Who Starts at Ends at
Shayera Hall


Shiera Hall


(After 1985)
Started Ended
Shayera Hall
Shiera Sanders-Hall
Shayera Thal