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Fandom’s DC database ( is a great source of information, however, I am not a fan of the way in which they sectionalize Character articles based on continuity and not under the big tent of the character itself.

Almost all DC Comic’s characters have undergone changes of some sort over time and probably no one more than the Hawkgirl character. She has been around longer than Wonder Woman (by a few pages) and she has undergone five or more revisions, yet she pretty much remains the same character today as she was 80 years ago.

By having it split up the way that is at DC database, it does make it hard to understand the overall history of the character. This is especially confusing given the combined histories and memories of Shiera Sanders & Kendra Saunders. This would also include the Thanagarian connection.

When you go to the Hawkgirl disambiguation page there are eight main continuity Hawkgirls to choose from. This is followed by twenty-five versions of Hawkgirl in the multiverse.

To understand Hawkgirl in the main continuity, one needs to read at least three, perhaps four, of the articles.

At the top of the page is listed what appears to be two most recent versions of Hawkgirl.

But in actuality, the two most recent are listed further down…

For those, who like me, might be confused about “New Earth” vs. “Prime Earth”, “New Earth” is the main continuity that evolved during the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” (1985) it was the result of combining realities from several multiverses, primarily Earth-2 and Earth-1, to form a “new earth” with Earth-2 being the Golden Age and Earth-1, the Silver Age.

“Prime Earth” has been around since 2011 and it came about at the end of the Flashpoint series when Flash attempts to reenter the timestream and causes multiple timelines to converge. (see Flashpoint #5 October 2011)

Also, not enough attention is paid to the impact of the 2015 Convergence series. I discussed this impact in a post last year (see Convergence: Hawkgirl Found)

Here is what the DC Database says about the current (Prime Earth) Kendra Saunders.

Kendra Saunders, alias Lady Blackhawk, is the leader of the Blackhawks, an anti-apocalyptic team.


Kendra Saunders warned the Justice League of the upcoming invasion of the Dark Multiverse and later worked with the League to help them defeat the Dark Knights. She teamed up with Wonder Woman and Doctor Fate and traveled with them to the Rock of Eternity searching for the Nth Metal – the only weapon capable of hurting Barbatos, an ancient villain from the Dark Multiverse. Kendra is also a member of the Immortal Men, a group of the oldest beings of Earth. As such, she was entrusted by the Immortals with the mission of using the Anti-Monitor‘s astral brain in the Rock of Eternity to destroy the Dark Knights. However, when she tried to do so, she was interrupted by Barbatos who transformed her into a dark-hawk version of herself called Lady Blackhawk. Kendra regained control of her body after Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth on her, restoring Kendra’s memories. Though still in the dark-hawk form, Kendra decided to work alongside Wonder Woman. After finding Hawkman‘s Nth Metal mace, Wonder Woman and Kendra traveled through a portal back to Earth, where they ended up fighting various corrupted versions of the Justice League.

From <>

I was wondering about Kendra’s connection to the Immortal Men. Does this mean that she will be appearing in the soon to be released The Immortal Men series appearing March 14?

Here is a video regarding Hawkgirl’s convoluted continuity.

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  1. These are mostly fair criticisms of our website, but let me address what I can:

    Firstly, the DC Database is written by fans, for free, in their free time.
    So, the content is as detailed as that fact allows. Typically, energy goes toward what’s “new and hot”, for better or worse.
    Bear that in mind when reading it, and also be aware that if you are unsatisfied by a gap that you could fill, by all means, fill that gap!

    We opted to break characters down by continuity for the sake of maintaining a narrative thread. The history of one Batman is not the history of a different Batman from a different universe, as similar or as intertwined as they may become. Likewise our “in-universe” perspective prevents us from being limited by an out-of-universe, top-down style that would fail to grasp the nuance of a character’s (potentially very convoluted) history.

    We have, in the past, had arguments/discussions about how to give a broader overview of a character: a one-page go-to for publication history and a broader sense of their place in the DC Universe and culture – but that would require a lot of original research, and ultimately, the disambiguation pages are doing an admittedly truncated version of this. Likewise, we didn’t want to be duplicating Wikipedia, which does give an overall out-of-universe publication history for characters.

    If I follow your writing, you want to track the mantle of “hawkgirl” more so than any actual character called Hawkgirl – because, as far as continuity is concerned, there are at least 25 individual, independent versions, as you note. The Database is designed to follow individual versions. There is no narrative thread to follow in the concept of Hawkgirl as an identity that multiple people have had, without simply pasting several pages in one place. Better to use the disambiguation page as a hub, and as you say, read multiple pages, say we!

    The disambiguation page is actually arranged in terms of “most prominent version and recognisable comic book version”, rather than most recent.Due to the weird continuity reboot with the New 52, we felt the best way to transition new users to understanding what had happened was to show the character as everybody knew them to date (New Earth) and the New 52 version (Prime Earth, or Earth 2 in this case), which was, at one point, the most prominent version in the current continuity. The fact that the Prime Earth version of the character (as opposed to Earth 2) is not in the “top spot” is primarily due to how little is known about her, due to her relatively recent debut – or, as I said before, a lack of interest on the part of fans, who may be putting their energy into updating other pages, elsewhere.

    All that said, our organisation style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s certainly fair if it’s not yours.
    But golly, why y’gotta roast us like this?

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