Even More Covers

About a month ago, I thought that I had completed the construction of my Hawkgirl Cover-girl Wish List. Yet, each week since then I have discovered yet another cover that I had previously missed.

One of the was Wonder Woman #300 which I discovered by accident while researching the back-story of Shiera Hall’s daughter-in-law, Lyta (Trevor) Hall (aka Fury). Her backstory is that she first appeared in Wonder Woman #300 in 1983. I was curious to see what the cover of this book looked like and when I looked it up, I was surprised to see Hawkgirl on the front of this wrap-around cover although she is not listed in that issue at comicbookdb.com. They only list Wonder Woman #249, which I own already.

Another was Catwoman #24. I had no idea that there was a Catwoman comic book, but then again… why not? Actually, there have been four Catwoman series since the late Eighties. This #24 is from volume #3 which ran from 2002 to 2008.

Then I discovered JLA: The Nail (1998) #1 and #3. Technically, this is a non-canonical, Elseworlds, story-line, but I went ahead and put it on the list after reading JLA: The Nail on-line at Hoopla.

JLA: The Nail #1 (August 1998)

JLA: The Nail #3 (September 1998)

In closing here is a taste of the snappy patter in “The Nail”