January Covers

Here are latest additions to the Hawkgirl Cover-girl Collection

All-Star Squadron #51 (November 1985) (FN)– on this cover, Hawkgirl is wearing the headdress mask that she wore in the late 1940s during the closing days of the Golden Age.

The second series to be known as Hawkman first appeared in August of 1986. The series ran for 17 issues from August 1986 to December 1987. Hawkgirl appeared on 9 of the covers. This month the collection got 5 of those covers.

Hawkman vol. 2 #1 (August 1986) (FN)

Hawkman vol. 2 #3 (October 1986) (VF)

Hawkman vol. 2 #4 (November 1986) (VF)– this issue is significant because it features Zatanna and she first appeared in Hawkman vol. 1 #4 in “The Girl Who Split in Two” November 1964.

Hawkman vol. 2 #8 (March 1987) (VF)

Hawkman vol. 2 #11 (June 1987) (FN)