DC: The New Frontier: Deluxe Edition

World War II is over. The Cold War has begun. Where are the heroes of tomorrow? THE NEW FRONTIER recounts the dawn of the DCU’s Silver Age from the perspective of the brave individuals who made it happen–both the superheroic “keepers of the flame” and the next generation of crimefighters.

I saw the feature-length animated video and I now I have read the book which was originally published 2003/04. The Deluxe Edition was published 2015.

The story is told in six issues written and drawn by acclaimed writer/artist Darwyn Cooke. Beautifully drawn and masterfully told, the story took me back to edge of the dawn of the Silver Age of comic books. All my favorite super heroes were there, and they were just getting…. *cue the prolonged vinyl-record scratch*.

There was an origin story for all of the founding members of the Justice League of America including one mighty mite that was not yet a member. Ray Palmer made an appearance as the brilliant scientist from Ivy Town who was just on verge of perfecting the discovery that would lead to him becoming the Atom.

But where was Hawkman and Hawkgirl? Apparently, they had not yet arrived from Thanagar.

The events of New Frontier go from the end of WWII to sometime around early 1960. The Silver Age Hawks first appeared in Brave & the Bold #34 March 1961. It would not have hurt to have one panel showing a Thanagarian Star Cruiser parked in orbit above an unsuspecting Earth. Yet, upon further examination it is revealed that this all takes place on an alternate-reality called Earth-21 where Carter Hall was Hawkman and Shiera Hall was Hawkgirl (and members of the JSA) before the US government forced the JSA to disband.

Okay, okay. I kind of got over that when I saw Hal Jordan kissing Carol Ferris while the two of them were standing behind an experimental jet fighter – Carol’s Jackie Kennedy pill-box hat blowing off into the wind of the Nevada desert. OMG! OMG! They had the right stuff…