Oh Snap!

Oh, Snap! – Kendra “Hawkgirl” Saunders schools Wonder Woman on who has been around longer. This occurs in the most recent issue of Metal (#3 October 11, 2017). She could have said “ball of clay” instead of “pile of dirt”, but Kendra is mad because no one listened to her back in issue #1.

Are Kendra’s eyes “yellow” (green + brown)?

Kendra (Shiera?) has been reincarnated countless times at least since the days of ancient Egypt when she was Princess Chayera. I am still confused about the status of Shiera and have been confused since she and Hawkman became air-elementals in “Brightest Day” #23 (June 2011)

And while Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman did first appear in the same comic book (All-Star Comics #8 Dec 1941), Hawkgirl is a few pages older than Wonder Woman.