Looking Ahead

This evening I started doing research on Hawkgirl covers from the modern era of comics books – a period of thirty years from 1987 to present. The previous periods in which I did my research covered a period of 45 years and yet researching Hawkgirl cover appearances in the golden, silver, and bronze ages seemed so much easier than what I am faced with now.

It’s complicated.

In the “olden days” there were two Hawkgirls and they appeared in a set number of titles. The majority of cover appearances were limited to only a few publications and the others were what you might call the usual suspects (Brave and the Bold, World’s Finest, and Showcase Presents…).

Looking at the modern era, there are three – no, make that four – no, wait five? – six? – Hawkgirls appearing in a whole slew of titles and now it is my job to catalog which books hosted the flying fury on their cover.

There is a reason why I am unclear on the number of Hawkgirls: It’s complicated.

As I said before, in the olden days, there were two Hawkgirls…

Name Age Earth Primary Publications
Hawkgirl #1 Shiera Saunders-Hall Golden 2 Flash Comics, All-Star Comics, All-Star Squadron
Hawkgirl #2 Shayera Hol (nee Thal) Silver 1 Hawkman, Justice League of America

The Crisis on Infinite Earths, an event that occurred in the mid-1980s was supposed to simplify things and instead two Earths we had New Earth and instead two Hawkgirls, the original one went off to another dimension to fight demonic forces, while the one from the Silver Age, thwarted an invasion by the Thanagarians.

Yet the simplification of the DC multiverse did not last long at all and the Hawks were rebooted and retconned in 1989.

Name Years Active Comment
Hawkgirl #1 Shiera Saunders-Hall (1986-2010) (2010-?) Post-Crisis, Shiera became a member of the JSA. She joined them in Limbo and she later returns. She was merged with Carter into a Hawk Avatar and later came back to life following the death of Kendra Saunders in Blackest Night.
Hawkgirl #2 Shayera Hol 1985-1988 (2015) Appeared in three titles in the late 1980s. Was seen in Legend of Hawkman (2000). She reappeared in Convergence (2015)
Hawkgirl #3 Shayera Thal 1989-2005 Hawkworld, Hawkman vol. 3
Hawkgirl #4 Kendra Saunders (1999-2011) (2017) JSA, JLA, Hawkman vol. 4 and now in Metal.

Note: #2 and #3 link to the same list. Like I said: “It’s complicated.” And to make things even more complicated is that Shiera Saunders-Hall has reappeared post-Blackest Night and so too has Kendra (cf. Metal).

After giving it some thought I have decided to tackle this from the tail rather than the head. I will do this by taking on the list of the latest incarnation of Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders and focus on the period from 1999 to present.

One of the first covers from this era, I think that I will purchase, will most likely be this one from 2003…

JSA All Stars (2003) #2