Metal: Watch the Color of Kendra’s Eyes

Metal: Watch the Color of Kendra’s Eyes – In a previous post regarding Dark Nights: Metal #2, I asked the question: If Kendra Saunders (Lady Blackhawk) is not hosting the soul of her departed great-aunt Shiera Saunders, then what happened to Shiera? or better yet, why is Kendra talking about Shiera’s past lives with Carter Hall as if it were her own past lives?

She is going: “Carter and I did this, Carter and I did that.”

It is confusing; however, I have found out how to tell the difference between Kendra when she is by herself and Kendra when she is possessed by Aunt Shiera.

The answer I found is in the pages of a comic book published 16 years ago, JSA #21 (February 2001). It is in this issue we learned something about Kendra’s attempted suicide two years earlier when she was 17-years old.

We learn that this is none of our business.

Sand, the current chairman of the JSA, could not let it go and in issue #22 he learnt the story from Kendra’s grandfather, former OSS officer, Speed Saunders. Kendra had committed suicide when she was 17 and she had been pronounced dead, but 10-minutes later she was alive again. He explained that Kendra had “the most beautiful green eyes” but when she came back to life she now had brown eyes.

He goes on to explain that he was convinced that Kendra’s soul had been replaced by that of the soul of his cousin, Shiera Saunders, the original Hawkgirl.

In the previous issue (#21), we saw Kendra when she was speaking with the angel Zauriel and she clearly had brown eyes.

Now in Metal #2, Kendra has green eyes. Yet does this mean that she is 100% Kendra or at least no longer hosting the soul of Shiera Saunders.

Then if that is the case why then does she speak of Shiera and Carter’s history as if were her history and not someone else’s.

I suspect that Kendra’s body is playing host to both Kendra and Shiera, but until I see Kendra with brown eyes again, I won’t know what to think.